Product Descripton
  American Natural Products offers a wide variety of botanical extracts and specialized ingredients. These can be classified as follows.

1.    Liquid botanical extracts, in a variety of solvents such as water and glycols.
2.    Botanical special ingredients such as Oat Beta Glucan, plant starches and abrasives or scrubs; nut shell powders, seed powders, pumice and melamine or polyethylene. Once again these can be provided as sterile or cosmetic grade ingredients.
3.    We specialize in creating new and unique ingredients for our customers. Please feel free to ask for our assistance.

                 Catalog Use:
       First, look for your desired ingredient in the alphabetical Product List. Specify the vehicle or solvent required and then order by phone, fax or email. Your order will be confirmed and a shipping date will be provided.

        If your required ingredient does not appear in the Product List, we still have a very good chance to fill your order. Next, look in the botanical name list. When you find the official name of the botanical you wish, place an order as described above. We will reply promptly to your request.

       The next section of this catalog offers the technical and non-technical staff members of our customers a resource center for cosmetic and regulatory information, which can be found at Internet Web sites. We hope you find this useful. In the future we offer more such helpful information

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