American Natural Products, Inc. is a company founded to provide the manufacturers and formulators with ingredients resulting from the latest advances in natural product chemistry. Our new and novel as well as our standard ingredients are of the highest quality and best bargains to be found in the industry. We use the latest botanical and biological research results to identify the latest discoveries and offer our customers the most active natural products as ingredients. These products are in a constant process of development and sourcing from worldwide locations. For our operating guidelines see below.

                      American Natural Products Follows this creed of operation
1. We produce only the best products.
2. We will custom create and make any quality product to help our customers.
3. We are open and truthful with each of our customers.
4. We will supply any customer support possible.
5. We will offer the best values in the botanical and natural product fields.

  American Natural Products operates administrative, research and production facilities in Los Angeles, CA. We have local sales staff on the east coast, in Midwest and on west coast. These sales people each have many years experience in natural product ingredient customer service. Experienced scientists staff our home office. We guarantee rapid response to any and all telephone, fax or email inquiries. For opportunities with sufficient interest we will provide laboratory services, at our home site or send an experienced scientist to the customers site.
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