Oat (Avena Sativa) Beta Glucan
  Oat Beta Glucan is a polysacchride consisting of sugar monomers connected by 1,3 and 1,4 glycosidic linkages. Beta glucan is isolated from the hulls of cereal grains or seed coats by a patented process. The average molecular weight of our oat beta glucan is about 550,000 daltons. This is a large molecule. The size and structure of Oat Beta Glucan convers unusual properties on the molecule that are useful in cosmetic formulations.

The properties of Oat Beta Glucan that make it very useful and efficacious as a cosmetic ingredient are listed below.
  1. humectancy
  2. lubricity
  3. increased collagen synthesis
  4. increased cell renewel
  5. ability to modify dermal immune resonse
  6. increased hair strength
  7. repairs chemical damage to hair
  8. reduced fine lines and wrinkles
  9. improve dermal elasticity (anti-crows feet)
  10. reduces hyper-pigmentation caused by sun damage
  11. excellent film former

The above extensive list of experimentally proven ingredient properties makes Oat Beta Glucan an excellent and effective formulation ingredient for personal care and cosmetic products. The inclusion of Oat Beta Glucan in customers products assures effectiveness.

The experimental evidence to support some of these claims can be found on the following pages. Two sample formulations are also supplied for your use.

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