Beta Glucan Efficacy
1) Stimulates collagen synthesis
  In an in vitro study, collagen synthesis was indirectly measured by determining procollagen production as a result of macrophage activation. Test material is exposed to macrophage, and if effective, causes the production of macrophage intermediates. The macrophage are removed and the remaining intermediates are exposed to fibroblasts to for every molecule of collagen formed, one molecule of procollagen is released. The amount of procollagen is measured by an MTT colorimetric assay.

                      It was determined that Oat Beta Glucan (1% conc.) effectively stimulated a 50% increase in procollagen production compared to the negative control (Culture Media). Positive control was 100 ug/ml ascorbic acid, a known collagen stimulator.
2) Promotes cytostimulation (cell renewal).
  The Cyto-stimulation Assay measures the ability of a test material to enhance the metabolic activity of fibroblasts. Cyto-stimulation is determined by adding the test material to nutrient poor culture which has been inoculated with human neonatal fibroblasts. Metabolic activity is measured after 48 hours exposure to the test material using an MTT colorimetric assay. An effective material will stimulate metabolic activity in spite of the poor nutrient environment.

                      The results clearly demonstrated that Oat Betas Glucan acted as a cyto-stimulant with the 1.0% dilution producing an average percent cell viability 15 times greater than the positive control (culture media plus 10% fetal bovine serum).
3) Provides protection against UVA/UVB damage.
  An in vitro assay was performed with a 1% dilution of Oat Beta Glucan to evaluate its ability to protect against UVA/UVB damage. Tissues (biologically active skin equivalents) were dose with the test material and then exposed to 1.5 MED/hr/cm2 UVA/UVB irradiation. After incubating overnight, tissue cell viability was measured using an MTT colorimetric assay and compared to control tissue.

                      Data showed that Oat Beta Glucan significantly reduced damage associated with UVA/UVB irradiation by 81% compared to the irradiated control (irradiation culture media).
4) Improves tensile strength of hair and significantly reduces breakage caused by bleaching .
  Stress stain studies were conducted on double bleached hair tresses using the Dia-Stron MTT600 Autosampler with a 100 hair carousel, and the Dia-Stron fibre dimensional Analysis System (FDAS) which incorporates the Mitituyo laser scan micrometer with resolution to 0.1u. Hair tresses were wetted, shampooed for 30 seconds, and rinsed for 30 seconds. Product containing America Natural Products Oat Beta Glucan was applied and left in contact for 30 seconds, then rinsed and tresses were air dried. This procedure was repeated 5 times. 100 fibres from the tresses were analyzed using the crimping system (FDAS) and then placed in the MTT600 cassette and extended to break at a rate of 20mm/min. The data indicated that American Natural Products Oat Beta Glucan had a “significant effect in reducing the premature failure of bleach damage fibres” and that there was a significant increase in plateau stress, …break extension, break stress and total work done” for the American Natural Products Oat Beta Glucan treated fibres.

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